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Szymon Gasiorek // Mia Dyberg

‘The duo that features Mia Dyberg and Polish drummer Szymon Gasiorek is one of the freshest new voices on the improvised music scene this year.Gasiorek’s palette of colors, textural diversity and hawk like sharpness play perfectly into Dyberg’s sense of freedom and expansiveness.

Dyberg-Delius-PimponDyberg is a fountain of creativity and always searching for collaborators who can go along with her on those bold adventures to the land of the unexpected she takes. With this group, you have a chance to hear both of these highly acclaimed musicians at their free-est and best’.- Greg Cohen

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Europe Tour 2015

feat. Rudi Mahall & Tobias Delius AMONG OTHERS !!!

24/7 20.30 Szymon Gasiorek/Mia Dyberg / Rudi Mahall @Sowieso, Neukölln, Berlin

25/7 20.30  Szymon Gasiorek/ Mia Dyberg/Tobias Delius @ Sowieso, Neukölln, Berlin

26/7 Szymon Gasiorek/Mia Dyberg/TBA +Emilio Gordoa(duo) + Hannes Buder (solo) @ Greenhouse Berlin. Facebook Event

1/8 Gasiorek/Dyberg feat. Jędrzej Łagodziński,  @ Dźwięko Działka, Poland

5/8 TBA, Prag


Previous features: Erik Kimestad, Kasper Tranberg, Jimmy Nyborg


Previous concerts:

16/6 18 50 Dyberg’s Graduationconcert RMC A118.

5/7 The Community presents: All LIVES MATTER – Jedrzej Lagodzinski (ts) Mia Dyberg (as) Szymon Gasiorek (dr) , Kristoffer Nybye (bc)Tomo Jacobson (db)

6/7 17.00 The Community presents: Mia Dyberg/Szymon Gasiorek feat. Erik Kimestad (PL/DK/NO)

7/7 19.00 The Community Human Live Komponering Mia Dyberg/Szymon Gasiorek + Ned Ferm + IKI @ Fredes Bastion

The Community is a network and event organisation(Co-funded by Mia Dyberg), which is connecting and expanding relations between improvising musicians worldwide – by making events with interaction as the driving force! The Community invites you to three days of Human Live Komponering at Copenhagen Jazz Festival!!!‘Who will be playing with who?’ – Will be revealed during the evening.

10/7 16.00 Kovacs & Dyberg feat Szymon Pimpon @ Dome of Visions.

10/7 20.00 Balvig/Dyberg/Pimpon/Skøtt @ Metronomen