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Rieko Okuda / Mia Dyberg (DK/JP)

Photo: Ian Stenhouse

Mia Dyberg and Rieko Okuda Duo performs conceptual improvisations that include pulse, durations, interactions, and natural/everyday life objects, soundalized. For example water dropping, light rain comes to a coffee-filter dripping, construction work,  glass that would break or glass breaking sounds. Glass CUT!

In combination with partly composed material (small compositions) such as unison 12 tone based ostinatos/melodies. The duo magically combines conceptual improvisation and jazz. Rooted in jazz history while entering a textual contemporary sound world with extended techniques. In their sonic & interplay research they wish to express both the darker/chaotic and brighter/calm sides of life.

The duo has consisted since 2018 and published 2 digital albums Rieko Okuda / Mia Dyberg – ​Nigatsu 二月​ (2019) and Naboer (2020) and performed at Hosek Contemporary concert series August 2020 and are currently actively working on their third album.

Rieko Okuda Piano & Prepared Piano
Mia Dyberg Saxophone & Prepared Saxophone