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2020 Selected concerts

14.1-18.1 Demboh plays Sun Ra Au Topsi. Berlin

7.2. Rohrer/Fischerlehner/Dyberg Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin.

16.2 Mia Dyberg Trio (with Kresten Osgood) at The Community VInterjazz, Copenhagen.

22.2 Goats with M. D. ACUD Theatre, Berlin

3.3 Fischerlehner/Dyberg Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia

5.3 Dyberg Solo Graz

10.4 Mia Dyberg Trio Cuba-Kultur, Münster, Germany

14.4 Mia Dyberg Trio Klub Primi, Copenhagen

25.4 With Marina Džukljev residency Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin

2019 Selected concerts:

18.08 Solo Halle, Germany

24.08 Melt Pot at Jazzfestival Saalfelden,  Austria

4-7.09 Klub Demboh Festival Berlin

12.09 Leger (Rudi Fischerlehner/Mia Dyberg) & Dyberg°Ohlmeier°Bauer°Fischerlehner at Au Topsi Pohl Berlin

2.10 Melt Pot Victoria Oslo

3.10 Mia Dyberg Trio (with Rudi Fischerlehner) in Helsinki

7-9.10 Mia Dyberg Trio (With Steve Heather), Fri Form and Victoria, Trondheim and Oslo

14.10 Solo Jazz Festival Kassel

15.10 Mia Dyberg Trio (With Steve Heather) Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld, West Germany

18-20.10 Klub Demboh Tour Norrköping and Oslo

16.11 Mia Dyberg Trio (with Rudi Fischerlehner) Akut Festival

2018 Selected concerts:

July 9th Insula Records – Mia Dyberg Solo

July 12th Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Nana Pi Extemporize, Koncertkirken, Blågårdsplads Nørrebro, Danmark.

July 13th  Copenhagen Jazz Festival – 16.00 Dré Hocevar Solo + 17.00 Mia Dyberg Trio. Koncertkirken, Blågårdsplads Nørrebro, Danmark.

September 6th 12 points Festival, Dublin – Mia Dyberg Trio

September 13th Fylkingen, Stockholm – Joel Grip/Mia Dyberg

Past concerts selected