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Selected past concerts

2015 June 17
by Mia


Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Im visiting Cph in july for the Jazzfestival!

12/7 17.00 Freejazz og Folkekøkken.  Mia Dyberg Trio at Amardillo Eventfabrrik.

15/7 16.30
Mia Dyberg Trio + Membram + Nana Pi Extemporize @KoncertKirken 

Im happy to work with  the constantly growing musicians collective The Community. The Community presents is an Open air festival taking place from 13th – 16th of July 4.30-7pm, during the last four days of Copenhagen Jazz Festival in the yard of KoncertKirken. The Community is an international improvisers collective which organizes events where the artists interact with each other. Putting the musicians together in new juxtapositions, musically or socially. In the beautiful yard of KoncertKirken between 16.30 and 19.00 each day. Free entry! Read more

15th of July, kl. 16.30 Mia Dyberg Trio

Mia Dyberg – Altosaxophone, Composition
Asger Thomsen – Double bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen – Drums

Mia Dyberg Trio is the collaboration of Mia Dyberg, Asger Thomsen & Dag Magnus Narvesen around a common interest : to create improvised music inspired by William Burrorughs emphasizing playfulness, cut up techniques, pulse-awareness and the silver smoke of dreams.

“The Eyelash Butterfly, The Electric Fisherman and The Big Boom. Together, they create. And this world of creation is happening from the moment sound escapes their instruments, until the final curtain falls. This world is a special world. With exactitudes. Liberties. Emotions and beaucoup listening going on! Treat yourself to their chemistry and you will be glowing for weeks afterwards.”- Greg Cohen

18.30 Nana Pi Extemporize. Extemporize is conducted improvisation by Nana Pi for all participating musicians who have played during the four days and old and new members of The Community.


DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I got a steady gig in Berlin!

I feel lucky to be working in the houseband with intricate characters EVERY MONDAY such as Tristan Honsinger (cello), Joel Grip and Axel Dörner (trumpet)  in the foxhole Klub Demboh


M0. 08. Mai 2017 / Starting 20h / Concert 21h
Neu West Berlin Gallery, Kurfürstenstr. 145, 10785 Berlin. IMMER MONTAGS

April. 1st
Ziegrastraße 11, 12057 Berlin, Deutschland
mon. 20:00
Axel Dörner, Trompete
Mia Dyberg (Saxophonist & Composer), Saxophon (3/4)
Pierre Borel, Saxophon (10/4)
Daichi Yoshikawa, präp. Lautsprecher
Tristan Honsinger, Cello
Joel Grip, Kontrabass
Michael Greiner, Schlagzeug.

Mia Dyberg Trio – Oliver Orthuber – Overhead Projektor, Objekte / Österliche Petrischalen Dreifaltigkeit

14. april – 16. april
7. juli – 16. juli
Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark


19-20.1 Mia Dyberg Trio @ Sowieso, Berlin., DE

21.1 Mia Dyberg Trio / Rieko Okuda Duo @ Salon der Villa Plagwitz, Leipzig, DE

22.1. Mia Dyberg Trio / Sebastien Branche @ Galerie M89, Leipzig, DE

28.1 Niklas Barnö – trumpet, Mia Dyberg – reeds, John Holmström – piano, Joel Grip – double bass, Dag Magnus Narvesen – drums @ T-Berlin, Berlin, DE.

9.2 HELL @ Amardillo, Copenhagen, DK

18.2 19.30: Pi/Dyberg/Hängsel/Besiakov – Improvised horns and drum quartet @ Amardillo Eventfabrik, Amager, Copenhagen, DK
Nana Pi – tenorsax, Mia Dyberg – altsax, Petter Hängsel – trombone, David Besiakov- trommer

22.2 20.00 Randi Pontopiddan /Kamilla Kovacs / Mia Dyberg Trio @ Metronomen, Copenhagen, DK

23.2 19.30  Mia Dyberg Trio/Jesper Zeuten @ Amardillo, Copenhagen, DK

24.2 22. 00 Mia Dyberg Trio@ Osramhuset, Copenhagen, DK