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2015 October 1
by Mia


The composers W.S. Burroughs obsession started around her 30th birthday September 2016.

She started her journey attempting to live in the same world as Burroughs. Reading, listening and improvising on saxophone, objects, piano and voice to the swing and poetry of the readings of William S. Burroughs.

The compositions and feeling in the trio’s improvisations is emerging from cut up teqniques, pulse awareness and the silver smoke of dreams. Meanwhile the trio was living and working together with the awareness of playing music with the emphasis on “play” as in having fun!

The band played concerts at venues such as Sowieso, Donau115, Loophole, T-Berlin and Kühlspot.

The trio is collaborating with improv- musicians from the Echtzeit scene as Tobias Delius, Mathias Müller and Rieko Okuda. Concerts played in 2016 – march 2017 is a part of the project “Improviser Summit” – “A yearlong concert series!”