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Mia Dyberg & The Y’s

Mia Dyberg & The Y'sMorten Skøtt – drums, Mia Dyberg – alto saxophone,  Rasmus K. Lund – tuba

22/12 10.30 pm Mia Dyberg and The Y’s @ 5e  Slagtehusgade 5E, 1715 København V. Bouljeloud plays at 9pm.

Mia Dyberg and The Y’s interprets The Y’s of Life: PECULIARITY, ELEGANCY, CONTINUITY, SERENITY

How does the Y’s sound? Which Y do you sense right now? The music is Mia Dyberg’s newly composed pieces mixed with impro. islands where The Y’s  is interpreting The Y’s of life.

Peculiarity: ”a strange or unusual habit or characteristic”

 Elegancy is to have elegance: ”dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behaviour”

Serenity: ”a state of peace and quiet”