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2012 October 18
by Mia

We been shooting a musicvideo with Giulio Rasi for Quietness on Sonnenallee in Berlin, Music video coming soon.1012077_745776595504898_7790144642800571345_n

We had a wonderful release concert in Jazzhouse Ocotober 2014 , Live Video coming soon.


Jazzhouse udtaler:“søgende saxofonlinier og sjælfuld vokal fletter sig sammen på ekspressiv og poetisk vis. Til tider råt og med en free jazzet energi, andre gange sagte og næsten minimalistisk”

Kovacs & Dyberg is an experimental vocal & saxophone duo, that performs Soulful songs & free improvisations. The duo is exploring how to tell stories with the full potential of two instruments using their own intriguing language.

Kamilla Kovacs Vocal/Noizes/Composition. Mia Dyberg Alto Saxophone/Noizes/Composition

Kovacs & Dyberg is working with Greg Cohen in Berlin, this was Cohens words after their first encounter:

“”I have always been fascinated with music that seems to go forwards and backwards at the same time. And music where the traditional roles are inverted. (..)Kovacs & Dyberg are a duo that taps into a dimension that is not the norm in jazz. With only saxophone and voice to establish the parameters of their music, they twist and turn the lines that are both composed and improvised as if – Kovacs&Dyberg PressphotoKovacs became Dyberg and visa versa. Their music is both enchanting and soulful” /Greg Cohen, Berlin January 2013.

”Mia Dyberg has a vivid musical imagination and a healthy curiosity. Her music is permeated of poetry, boldness and a increasing richness of color.”/Jacob Anderskov

“Kamilla Kovacs plays like an angel and sings like a bird. She engulfs musical situations where most would only tread lightly. Always with a ear for the melodious and a penchant for the unexpected.” Greg Cohen

“Danish/Hungarian Kamilla Kovacs is hard to miss on the jazz/folk-scene of Copenhagen. She participates in various projects such as the Danish Music Award winning group IKI, the world/folk oriented group Gecko and the duo Kovacs & Dyberg. (..).Kovacs pulls on iconic songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, classical music, scratchy blues/jazz a la Tom Waits and on the experimental vocal tradition seen by japanese Koichi Makigami and others. These manyfold inspirations are mixed with an exploration of her own hungarian roots and a big interest in the middleeastern traditions and scales. One of Denmarks most intriguing singers right now! ” /Rasmus H. Steffensen, Jazzhouse

Live @ Le Johann Rose, Berlin October 2012

PH-Caféen Copenhagen, April 2012

“Mia Dyberg har længe været en af de mest interessante navne i det unge københavnske jazz/improv-miljø. Hun er vokset op i den svenske skærgård og hendes lige dele vilde og impressionistiske musik lader sig ofte også farve af den storslåede svenske natur. Men her er også en intens puls af storby. For tiden er Dyberg bosat i Berlin, hvor hun bl.a. spiller med den store improv-musiker Clayton Thomas.” / Rasmus Hjørtshøj Steffensen, Jazzhouse 2013

 “(….)Jeg ved ikke hvordan Mia Dyberg gør det, men mange gange glemmer man at det overhovedet er en saxofon hun spiller på. Det er så meget mere (….)” /Lisa Appelqvist, Review, Kristianstadbladet.

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