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“One of various distinct forms of a species (such as color variant) or of an organism during different parts of its life cycle.”  

Photo Richard Berger

“MORPH!” is a duo comprised by the Danish saxophonist Mia Dybeg and the Italian turntable virtuosa Roberta Wjm Andreucci. Linguistically, one could interpret the project’s name as the smallest unit of a musical language, on a biological level as one of many
possible manifestations of a species. In this case, both ring true. With surgical precision, Andreucci, aided by CD players and turntables, chops field and voice recordings down to their individual parts and thus forcing them into driving martial-rhythmic patterns. The latter are overlaid by Dyberg’s amoeboid musical performance, put together for prepared alto saxophone and contact microphones. The approach of both musicians is an improvised dialogue in which Scandinavian melancholy and Italian bruitism symbiotically interact.
Roberta WJM Andreucci is a percussionist, an experimental producer and DJ, and on air personality. She practices plagiarism and the cutting and mixing of musical and ambiental aural sources. Early in her career she started focusing on the use of voices and on vocal metalinguism, focalizing on her personal practice of “cuttingandslicing” and on rhythm patterns obtained through an improper use of her tools of the trade (cdjs, cd player, md, me mixer).